Tonight, Michelle and Kirsten, whose preferred presidential candidate has named an impeached judge as her national campaign co-chairman, got a full quarter of the show to talk about media bias as it relates to two stories: NBC’s Andrea Mitchell mischaracterizing the GOP presidential candidates (and all conservatives) as torture mongers; and the recent resurgence of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” stories in the MSM. Copyright means I have to keep the edit short, so you get the highlights from the first segment. Bill yells at Kirsten, and Michelle speaks from absolute moral authority as a former NBC intern who saw media bias up close.

At the end of the segment, O’Reilly teases this Thursday’s Factor, which may end up looking like Pundit Fight Club. Michelle will go head-to-head with Fox colleague Geraldo Rivera, who smeared her as a Nazi last Friday for daring to support the enforcement of immigration law. It’ll be an interesting segment, to say the least. Geraldo speaks from the ethnocentric heart on the issue, and is too happy to lob any smear and even violate Godwin’s Law if it puts pro-enforcement forces on the defensive. Michelle speaks from the brain on the issue. She has been studying the broken immigration system for years, she wrote a book about it knows the ins and outs of immigration cold. It’ll be facts and reason vs mush and gush — conservatism vs liberalism in a nutshell — on The Factor, Thursday night.