It’s the Robocup, the competition in which teams design and build autonomous soccer playin’ robots and have them face off against each other in a variety of skill and speed tests. As none of those tests involve robots leaping, firing projectiles or dismembering each other, it never quite reaches the interest level of Ninja Warrior. The technology driving these bots is actually pretty impressive, even if seeing it in action is…less than impressive.

That’s an awfully small “teen size” robot you have there, NimbRo.

Here’s a 2-on-2 match that’s as exciting as any MSL game. Which is to say, it’s not exciting at all. For me it’s Arsenal v Manchester U or nothing. Go Gunners!

Why the Gunners? Well, first, there’s Arsenal, then there’s Gunners. It’s a right-wing warmonger’s dream team.

Eventually they’ll go the PC way of the Washington Bullets and become the Arsenal Ascots or Arsenal Guilty Oppressors, but until then we have the Arsenal Gunners.

The only pro sports team with a better name: Texas Rangers. Even if they did lose me on that whole A-Rod deal.

Anyway, back to the robots. Go NimbRo!

There’s a lot more video at the link.

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