You’ll be shocked, shocked to find out who’s behind this: Veterans for Peace, Global Exchange and Code Pink. But don’t you dare question their patriotism. Questioning their sanity is fair game, though. Evidence of west coast anti-military crazy goes back a few years.

The annual aerial show by the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels — a San Francisco tradition dating back to 1981 that pumps millions into the local economy — is running into opposition from three local peace advocacy groups that are calling for a permanent halt to the popular Fleet Week flyover.

CodePink, Global Exchange and Veterans for Peace, Chapter 69, are working with Supervisor Chris Daly on a Board of Supervisors resolution to address concerns over the Blue Angels.

Daly acknowledged he is considering a call to halt the flyovers because, he said, “they seem dangerous and unnecessary.” Daly said he plans on introducing the resolution as early as Tuesday, but is still drafting the language. A resolution is not legally binding, but states a board position.

The Code Pinkos don’t care about the economics, or the inspiration that kids might get from Fleet Week and the Blue Angels (well, they may care about the inspiration, but only to denounce it). They only care about themselves and their precious politics.

CodePink has launched an online petition, signed by more than 500 people to date, calling on leaders to end the flyovers for reasons of public safety, air pollution and fuel waste.

Cox said the resolution would establish that city leaders and the public are not in support of having the Blue Angels.

“We can then take the next steps we have to legally stop them,” he said.

Hm. San Fran has a population of about 751,682. Code Pink has 500 signatures on their online petition. They’re a national organization with connections to the Speaker herself–500 signatures is a pathetic result. But they think they represent the public of San Francisco. Given that city’s warped politics maybe they do, but they have a looong way to go to prove it.