Right. So TIME magazine seriously thinks that the leader of the free world, POTUS himself, is less influential on the world stage than Leo DiCaprio or Omar al-Bashir? Who are they kidding? Not Don Surber.

When Hot Air gets the company jet, I’m going to change all my lightbulbs and then tell everyone else how to live while I zip about above the clouds. Hey, it works for envirohypocrite Laurie David!

Hugo Chavez looks more like Castro every day.

Next president: Optimism, schmoptimism. I’m with Andy McCarthy: We need a brawler.

The pro-American film Americanizing Shelley opens today. Check local listings on Yahoo Movies or your aggregator of choice. We profiled the film in a Vent a while back. It looks like a fun film made by an unapologetically patriotic group.

Ethanol: Not a panacea. It reduces oil use but may kill the rain forest. Poor women and children hit hardest. The corn god will not be appeased.

Jules Crittenden gets down on the ground in Iraq. Rep. Jack Murtha (D-Abscam) gets some deserved blowback from Gen. Petraeus.

One more: The answer to keeping Iran from medding in Iraq: Show a little skin?

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