What can one say about this? Make an absolutely crappy documentary, put scary music on it, make out George W. Bush to be eeeevil, and moonbats with money bags will beat a path to your door to put your lousy film on their airplanes.


Warning: Contains disturbing scenes.

Was 9/11 a government set up? You decide.

Everyone’s talking about it so we thought you’d like to see the film that started out as a home movie and became one of the most downloaded documentaries of all time. Was 9/11 a government set up? Were the twin towers brought down in a controlled explosion for an insurance payday? These questions and more are posed in this controversial film, seen by millions, derided by many. Now it’s your chance to make up your own mind.

I’ve made up my mind: Loose Change is a pile of excrement and Virgin Atlantic will never ever get one thin dime from me.

This is not some Oliver Stone JFK film made decades after the events, so that it’s irresponsible handling of facts and interweaving of invention won’t have much effect on current events. Loose Change is a paranoid fantasy that, if enough people believe it, will cause them to turn on our own government and thereby lose the war we’re in to a bunch of genocidal fanatics. Its close connection to current events and the issue of our time–Islamic terrorism–makes the film dangerous, and therefore putting it in in-flight entertainment a dangerously stupid decision. It wasn’t made to be enemy propaganda, but it serves that purpose.

Virgin’s move looks like more evidence of creeping dhimmitude. Virgin Atlantic won’t show Fahrenhype 9-11, since it’s about Islamic terrorism and destroys Michael Moore. It won’t show WMD: The Murderous Reign of Saddam Hussein, since that film makes a good case for the ongoing war in Iraq. It certainly won’t show the film that PBS doesn’t want you to see, Islam vs Islamists, because that film highlights the very real ideological struggle underway for the soul of Islam. But it will show Loose Stool.

That’s a decision either made out of paranoia–they actually want to promote the 9-11 Truth movement–or out of fear of offending Muslims. Or both. Both is the safe bet.