Castro’s a no show at Cuba’s May Day fest. By no coincidence since the ANSWER Communists are running the show, there are illegal immigrant May Day rallies and marches planned for all over the US today. Michelle has the mother of all May Day posts, including a debunking of a Drudge headline. Is there any May Day activity going on where you are? If so, put your thoughts below or email them to tips – at – hotair – dot – com.

If you have video of any of today’s rallies, let me know at bryan – at – hotair – dot – com.

Update: Here’s live coverage of the Chicago rally, on a Phoenix TV station’s website. At a glance it looks like the Mexican flags are less in evidence than they were at last year’s rallies.

Update: I just saw video of the LA rally run across the Phoenix feed. It looks like it might be 1/100th the size of last year’s march.

Update: Kid from Brooklyn writes:

Here in Orlando, the strategery appears to be to keep it as low-key as possible this year (click on the immigration rally story currently in the upper right). Word on the street is, there was too much backlash from last year’s mass protests….and too much pushback.

Update: Slapstick Politics has video.

Update: The Freedom Folks checked out the Chicago May Day rally, and felt the love all around.

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