Front and a little to the right (of the frame).


The Republicans have a war problem in 2008, but so do the Democrats. They’re just different war problems, reflecting the polarity of the two parties’ support bases.

For the GOP, it’s the fact that the base supports the war while most of the country just wants to be out of it.

For the Democrats, it’s a Truther problem. Until the major Democrat presidential candidates refute these Truther clowns, they’ll find themselves in photos like this one or videos like the one in which John Kerry acts like he’s never heard the bark of a raving moonbat before. These vignettes make their whole party look stupid. The problem is, as soon as the Democrat presidential candidates do refute the Truthers, they’ll see some of their most motivated support start melting away to the likes of Dennis Kucinich.

(h/t Patrick)