On The Factor tonight, Michelle interviewed Rev. Walter Coleman, whose United Methodist Church in Chicago is harboring Elvira Arellano, a known illegal alien, as an act of civil disobedience against the enforcement of immigration laws. The boss sought a straight answer out of the Reverend, and he did his best to spin the questions.

Regarding his take on the illegal ID industry, he and other open borders advocates should educate themselves about illegal IDs and their role in 9-11. Immigration is a national security issue.

Ian will have a highlight reel from the rest of the show later tonight.

More (Ian):

Michelle filled in on The O’Reilly Factor tonight and talked about George Tenet, the CIA bumbling 9/11, and the DC Madam case with several guests, including David Frum, Megyn Kendall Kelly, Kirsten Powers, and Juan Williams. I put together a reel highlighting the key parts of each segment.

What was Michelle giving two thumbs down for? Hint: It’s something Michelle, Kirsten, and Juan agree on.

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