Just when you think Democrats can’t get any more repulsive…

Monday afternoon it was Barack Obama comparing minimum wage jobs to Don Imus to violence to the VTech shootings (among other absurdities in his putrid speech); today it’s Barbara Boxer describing how hard it is out there for a Senator.

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) on Wednesday listed the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold a ban on “partial birth abortions” along with the killing of 32 people at Virginia Tech, in describing what she called a hard and emotional week.

“I know this is a very hard and emotional week given everything that’s happened,” Boxer said at the opening of a speech on global warming in Washington, D.C. She then listed “continuing violence in Iraq … the accident that our good, dear friend Gov. Corzine is suffering from, the Virginia Tech tragedy … and today a Supreme Court decision that I believe endangers women’s health.”

There’s audio at the link. She sounds a little verklempt. But hey, it’s understandable. Making sure late-term unborn children can still be dismembered on their way out of the birth canal must steal a bit of the old joie de vivre.