The form is online here. When purchasing a firearm, you have to fill this form out. Question 11 deals with reasons to be denied purchasing a firearm, and section f reads:

Have you ever been adjucated mentally defective(which includes having been adjudicated incompetent to manage your own affairs) or have been committed to a mental institution?

Prior to a 2005 revision, it was question 12f so if you’ve seen the form you might remember it that way instead of 11f.

It’s a Yes or No question, and according to my friend in the gun business, it’s routinely the most laughed at question on the form. Because, of course, if you’re schizophrenic with a history of violence and you’re stalking someone, you’re going to be totally upfront and honest about that question.

The entire section on the form is laughable. If your true answer to part d, “Are you a fugutive from justice?” is yes, how likely are you to answer accurately?

As far as I know, question 11f is the full extent of a mental health background check for anyone purchasing a firearm. Your mileage may vary according to state law.

To the extent that there is any legislative solution that might prevent another Cho, and I’m not at all convinced that there is, perhaps it ought to start with making it a little harder for anyone with a history of mental illness to purchase firearms. Rather than just making it harder for everyone, across the board, to be able to defend themselves from someone like Cho when they finally snap.

Update: This just in to the Hot Air email bag. It’s a doozy.

Bush may be somewhat partially responsible for the shootings in Virginia because he has created a climate
of violence, war, killing, hopelessness, and futility. The young man is essentially responsible but he was for
four long years in that school and no one seemed able to welcome him, make him feel at home, show him
friendship and belonging to the group. Imagne living in a dorm situation (suite) with some one and not ever
being able to make eye contact or get his attention. Bush, in his operating as the President has set a tone
of ingoring the law, law-breaking, and low-rating Congress and anyone else who did not agree with him, In
not supporting proper laws to control mayhem and murder, he has also contributed to the American ambiance. He has never understood that he should speak intelligently and rationally to Americans, most of
whom are smarter than he is. Any one who wants to really understand Bush and his impact on those around him should read Kitty Kelley’s book about the Bushes. Sincerely, MPM

I have no doubt that you’re sincere, MPM. I also have no doubt that you’re a fool for thinking that Bush and this “climate of fear” or “ambience” had anything to do with Cho. Cho was mentally unstable and popped. Blaming that on Bush is, to put it mildly, unhinged. It’s of a piece with Bill Clinton politicizing the Oklahoma City bombing, and it’s despicable. As a country, we’re no longer able to unite around anything because this kind of opportunistic point-scoring.