I’ve been off at the beach for a couple of days to rest up, disconnect from email and the rest of the world and hang out with my family. It looks like I didn’t miss much.

Well, other than the boss scoring twin knockouts on O’Reilly. Do you think Shabazz had some explaining to do at the New Black Panthers HQ watercooler after getting pwn3d on national TV like that?

And other than Olbermann defending Michelle re Shabazz. I wonder, though–when you’ve made a career out of calling people “The Worst Person in the World,” can you really criticize any name anyone else calls anyone else? Worst Person in the World is an all-emcompassing smear, isn’t it? If you take it literally, Worst Person in the World is worse than bin Laden, worse than Mugabe, worse than Mahmoud the Pirate, worse than Kim Jong-Il. Being the worst person in the world is pretty bad. So Olby seems to be chucking boulders from the glass basement of a glass condo in a glass complex, if you ask me. You could argue “Well, he doesn’t really mean, literally, the worst person in the world.” Then why call someone that, night after night, and make it a routine part of your awful, bottom-feeding show? And on what grounds can Olbermann now criticize anything anyone else says about anyone else?

He can’t. He’s got nothin’.

What else did I miss? Mary Katharine Ham asking the Secretary of Education about Battlestar Galactica. MK, you’ve just earned eternal love and admiration from geeks everywhere.

I also missed Preacher Spam. A while ago I signed up for Rev. Rick Warren’s email newsletter, just to see what it might contain. On April 11, Rev. Warren sent me this note:

April 11, 2007

Dear Pastor,

Just wanted you to know that the Holy Spirit led me to pray for you and your Easter services several times this past weekend. I also gathered a group of local pastors on Good Friday morning to pray for all the pastors we know and their services.

I’d love you hear how your Easter went if you have time to write. We’re in this together friend.

Rick Warren

*Saddleback Church
1 Saddleback Parkway
Lake Forest, CA. 92630 *

It’s flattering and all, but I’m not a pastor. It’s just a mass email sent around in the name of the Holy Spirit. This fellow is a real pastor, though, and seems to think the mass email he got, which was identical to mine in every way except the name on mine wasn’t filled in, was a personal note from Warren himself. Or he finds it as amusing as I do to get a mass email written literally in God’s name.

I doubt Warren was led to pray for me the unnamed non-pastor and real pastors equally all around his global email list. But I could be wrong.

Hey, remember that “Jesus’ crypt” documentary that Discovery aired shortly before Easter? Well, now that the thing has aired and the money has been made, the “scholarship” behind the whole thing is falling apart. The rats are scrambling from James Cameron’s sinking ship. Write your own Titanic-related punch line.

Did you actually watch that show? I did. It was idiotic throughout, but its most idiotic moment went like this. The two main on-camera guys, one of which insisted on wearing an Indiana Jones knockoff hat and who didn’t pull the look off as well as that guy on Digging for the Truth, are down in the hole that’s supposed to be Jesus’ tomb. It’s filled with Hebrew texts because a nearby Jewish seminary had used it as a dump to bury unused scriptures. So this hole is full scrapped books of the Old Testament. The Indiana Jones wannabe acts as though it’s the most astonishing thing evah that the hole is full of rotting scripture texts, he picks one up and notices that it’s a page from the Book of Jonah. He gasps, and says something like “Jesus…mentioned…Jonah! And here, in his tomb…is the book…of Jonah!”

Well, duh dude. Jesus mentioned several OT books at one point or another. It’s totally unsurprising to find a copy of one of them in a scripture dump.

Now that the Duke case is over, Mike Nifong should be seeing a tailor about a new suit.


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