If you’re anything like me, you’re really really tired of the Don Imus story. It went from the stupid to the profane the minute he grovelled to Al Sharpton and really hasn’t recovered its mojo since.

But still, it has created some spinoff situations that are just too good to pass up.

Take, for instance, a segment on Red Eye last night, in which a white woman attempted to define racist terms against the arguments of a black woman. Panelist Rachel Marsden argued that “nappy headed” is not offensive, since the Rutgers players don’t actually wear diapers on their heads. Or something like that. Tia Williams, on the right in the screenshot, disagreed. The ombudsman clears things up at the end. Click to play.

In addition to what Levy said, I can see a couple of problems with Rachel’s analysis. One, we generally let people define what terms offend them, since being genuinely offended is usually a gut or instinctive reaction. Two, the comment was made in America, not Britain, and here in America, “nappy” doesn’t mean diaper.

Context, Rachel. Context.