Over at Michelle’s blog, a fun photo has resurfaced.

soldier under duress

Let the left start deconstructing this one, they way they spent so many man hours deconstructing that photo of John Kerry eating alone (but not any of the real fauxtography that oozed out of Lebanon last year). Maybe the soldier isn’t a real soldier? Maybe the fingers have been photoshopped? Maybe that’s a big cardboard standup of Hillary and not the real thing? Is there a Portuguese flag anywhere in the shot? Have at it, Sherlocks.

Or, not. You’ll be going up against Snopes on this one.

Speaking of Senator Kerry, when Michelle and I were in Iraq back in January we noticed something about the cubicles in the offices on several bases. There weren’t any cubicles at FOB Justice, it being a base on the front lines and the troops there not engaged in much office work, but at some of the other bases we visited we saw a photo. It was nearly everywhere, Xeroxed and pinned up alongside pictures of families, pets and whatnot from back home. It was this picture.

halp us

Keep that picture in mind when you read the following, which is an eye witness account of Senator Kerry’s visit to Iraq last December. Oh, by the way, DFAC=”dining facility” in milspeak, in case anyone wasn’t aware of that.

It was mid December 2006 at Camp Victory Iraq and I was about to enter the DFAC for dinner. I heard the SGT in charge of the guards talking about how John Kerry’s people and requested that Mr. Kerry be allowed to enter the DFAC through a side entrance instead of the main where all persons must present a valid ID. Mr. Kerry’s staff was told that he would have to enter the main entrance and present a valid ID just like the policy states. They then wanted to be allowed to bring in a backpack and were told no bags allowed. I entered the DFAC and found a table to sit not far from the room where Mr. Kerry was eating. This room is separated from the dinning area by doors, I have no idea how many people were in the room with Mr. Kerry but there were two soldiers standing outside the doors as guards. I overhead many soldiers of different ranks saying they can’t believe that Mr. Kerry has the nerve to come to Iraq after what he said in public about our troops. Others where saying “Help Us Help Us”. Mr. Kerry came out of the room and stood in line for ice cream, no one approached him to talk. There was a female soldier from Australia who Mr. Kerry tried to talk with but she had a look on her face as if she was annoyed.

I will not divulge my source on this. Suffice it to say that this individual is a senior NCO, serving in Iraq as of January of this year, and isn’t fooled by the likes of Hillary and Kerry.