On last night/this morning’s Red Eye, the gang discussed YouTube and jihad, a conflict the Hot Air family is familiar with by now. Ombudsman Andrew Levy took up the issue during his halftime report, and missed the point entirely.

Yes, I’m ombudsmaning (if that’s a word) the ombudsman. I’m Red Eye’s meta-ombudsman.

So what point did Levy and the Rey Eye crew miss? Well, the problem with YouTube and jihad isn’t so much that jihadi videos get on the site and we can’t use their net connections to track them down. First, since Google owns YouTube and Google has its history of not helping out in the war against the jihadis, that kind of tracking just isn’t going to happen. But even worse than that is that YouTube routinely takes sides in the online jihad, and takes the side of the jihadis. Videos condemning Islamic terrorism or criticizing Islam in any way get yanked off YouTube all the time, while videos in which jihadis celebrate their kills or recruit new members stay on the site. It happens all the time. Just this week, an atheist who has been posting videos criticizing Christians had his videos yanked–but only after he started criticizing Islam. His videos criticizing Christianity are still on the site. And worse than that, YouTube will unilaterally yank videos uploaded by people like us who take on the jihadis, and then lie about how that video disappeared. Twice now, YouTube has yanked our videos. When you try to play them, you get a message that the user (us) deleted the videos. That’s a flat out lie. We didn’t delete them; YouTube did. Google’s motto is “Don’t be evil,” but in my book supporting jihadis and lying about others is pretty darn evil.

So Levy, you got it wrong man. Consider yourself ombudsmaned. If that’s a word.