President Bush went to the mat to help Sen. Arlen Specter keep his senate seat a couple years ago. When the GOP majority had the chance to keep the chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee away from Specter, they chose not to, and Specter has used his power to goad and annoy the administration ever since.

And now, if the Syrian press can be believed, Sen. Specter has essentially taken Syria’s side on every issue in the Middle East.

-US Republican Senator Arlen Specter stressed on Tuesday that President Bashar al-Assad is interested in achieving peace, stability and prosperity in the region, calling US Administration to hold a dialogue with Syria as to realize these purposes.

In a press conference held before his departure at Damascus Airport after a two-day visit to Syria, the Senator called the US Administration “to conduct a dialogue with Syria to solve the problems in the region,” emphasizing that nothing cannot be reached out without the dialogue with Syria.

He rejected US Administration’s refusing stance to hold a dialogue with Syria, describing the current US policy towards Syria as “not successful.”

Why do we have so many traitors–if the Syrian press is at all accurate–in elected office right now? Why do we have so many squishes in Washington eager to bow to the whims of Arab and Iranian dictators, while they do nothing but bash and smash the US and its allies in Israel, and often on the soil that the dictators themselves rule? What is it about this particular war that has brought out the absolute worst in nearly our entire political class?

I don’t know the answers. But it’s hard to see how we win this war with the likes of Specter out there feeding our enemies their best and most useful propaganda lines against us.