VDH explains Kerryism, the affliction of lefty elites who no longer care for the little guy beyond his political usefulness to them. (h/t Eric)

Reader Brett drew this cartoon in 2004. It was relevant then, and it’s relevant now:


And finally, let me assure John Derbyshire, that as a top ten percent high school grad, member of the National Honor Society, and in college president of my trade fraternity, member of a couple of student honor societies and who graduated on time with a double major — and then enlisted in the Air Force — the outrage directed Senator Kerry’s way isn’t manufactured. It’s real, and Kerry deserves it. The man lacks the first clue about today’s military, which is disgraceful when you consider the fact that he has been a senator more than half the time I have been alive and he votes on many, many things pertaining to the troops’ operational readiness. It’s long been clear that he’s no more than an empty suit who first smeared the troops and then married his way into success and prestige. Now it’s also more than clear that his success, such as it is, has rotted his D-student brain. He really ought to do the honorable thing — for the first time in his life — and resign from the Senate. He’s a disgrace.

Update: Derb digs in. “No fair-minded reader” could misconstrue Kerry’s remark as being directed at anyone other than Bush? You mean, George W. Bush, who outperformed Kerry as a student?

Sorry Derb, you’re off-base on this. Kerry’s remembering the old days of drafts and deferments. His joke reflects a nearly ancient, and very elitist, view of the military. The attempt to spin it back on Bush, who as I said was a superior student to Kerry, is lame and won’t work.

Update: More of Brett’s art is here at Patriot Art. It’s amazing stuff. His current front-page cartoon made me laugh out loud. He’s also done a fine drawing of our own Michelle.