K-Lo has a nice catch from an interview with Bob Casey, the Democrat who may unseat Sen. Rick Santorum. Casey comes off as a very typical Democrat, on the one hand lobbing criticisms at the Bush administration for aggressively monitoring the communications of suspected terrorists, while on the other hand trying to appear tough on terrorists by agreeing in abstract terms that terrorists should be watched and listened to. He dances and bobs and weaves in and out of the question, which to the credit of the interviewer he had a hard time getting away with. Hopefully enough voters can see through Casey’s stumbling ramba and recognize him for what he is: unserious. It’s hard to imagine that he would get more serious if he actually wins the election.

You don’t have to be thrilled with the GOP at the moment to realize that the Democrats just don’t deserve to hold power during wartime. They’re too busy pandering to the nutroots and various left-wing special interests to grasp both the stakes in the war and what it will take — at home and overseas — to win it.