Lil Kim says he’s sorry:

North Korea’s leader is reportedly regretting his country’s nuclear test.

A South Korean newspaper reports Kim Jong II told a Chinese delegation that “he is sorry about the nuclear test.”

He also said Pyongyang would return to international nuclear talks if the United States backs off a campaign to financially isolate the country.

That “campaign to financially isolate the country” is aimed at stopping North Korea from attacking the US by counterfeiting our money and using that currency both to buy hardware and to diminish worldwide faith in the dollar. I doubt we’ll back off that campaign. So his apology isn’t as heartfelt as it might appear at first. It’s a softer version of more of the same.

Nevertheless, it does seem that China is putting pressure on Kim to behave himself, and, according to SecState Rice, sent him a “strong message” by joining the UN resolutions against North Korea. We’ll see.

Democrats and, according to one very suspect poll 70% of Americans, want the US to chat up Kim under the misimpression that he’s a reasonable man who can be reasoned with.

I guess that’s why he puts the disabled into concentration camps. Because he’s reasonable.

So very, very reasonable.

Watch that first link and think to yourself–“That Bush is such a warmonger.” Click on that second link while you can–Kim’s agents or liberal Democrats may get those videos banned from YouTube. They’ll just call it “hate speech.”

At least we can all be safe knowing that Kim Jong-Il isn’t a dictator. You know, like Bush is.