Massachussetts–the state that once spawned enough tax rebels to shuck off the crown and create a whole new country is now home to a school that has banned tag. You know, the game kids play by running around chasing each other. Yeah. They banned that. And a bunch of other stuff that makes it good to be a kid.

Tag is now out during recess at Willett Elementary School in Attleboro.

So is touch football and any other unsupervised “chasing” games that are deemed to pose the risk of injury as well as liability to the school.

“It’s a time when accidents can happen,” said Principal Gaylene Heppe, in her second year at the helm of Willett.

Heppe included the new rule as part of a standardized set of playground rules that were not in play upon her arrival.

In doing so, she joined in a growing movement against traditional games played by young children in school gymnasiums and playgrounds. A few years ago, school administrators in the area, as well as around the country, took aim at dodgeball, saying it was an exclusionary and dangerous game. Modified versions now include softer balls and ways for children to re-enter the action.

This principal should be fired, her teaching license revoked and she should be subjected to a year of merciless playground teasing. And any lawyer who would entertain suing a school because a kid scraped a knee should be subjected to a year of dodgeball target practice.

(thanks to Ed)