I’m sure you’ve heard about Madonna mail-ordering a boy from Malawi. If you haven’t, here’s the gist. The aging pop tart (full disclosure: I never liked her or any of her songs, at any time, ever) had the Hope Orphan Care Centre in Mchinji, Malawi email her pictures of 12 kids. She picked one on sight, and though local law in Malawi forbids foreigners from adopting Malawi kids, the country’s courts made an exception and Madge walked away with 13-month-old David Banda. Money apparently can buy you love, or someone to pretend to love.

When the orphanage demanded that she make a donation before she could get the boy, she did. But she attached some interesting strings to it: She reportedly forced the school to start teaching kabbala, Madonna’s fashionable mystical hocus-pocus religion, for which she abandoned a very, very lapsed Catholic faith. Imagine the uproar if, say, Tom Cruise bought a kid and made the boy’s school mates convert to Scientology as part of the price. That’s the uproar that Madonna’s obnoxious move did not cause.

And now there’s another twist: Either she or the orphanage lied to the boy’s father in order to get the father’s permission to release his claim to David. Yes, David has a dad, and a grandmother. He was placed into the orphanage after his mother died, and his father visits him often. The father, Yohane, is a committed Christian. And the orphanage told the illiterate but committed Christian that a “very nice Christian lady” was coming to adopt David.






The foul-mouthed fool who has built an entire career on going out of her way to offend Christians–but notably, not Muslims or members of any other faith–who hangs herself on crosses during her concerts and once published a book full of naked pictures of herself, a “nice Christian lady?” Try “none of the above.”

Somebody’s lying. And the boy’s family isn’t amused:

Yohane’s family members have written a letter to the orphanage requesting that David not be taken out of the country by a “rich white donor” and that he be raised with a knowledge of Malawian culture.

As for Madonna, her criteria for selecting young David from a set of a dozen strangers was that he is “beautiful” and makes her happy. Like a pair of new shoes. For this beautiful boy she paid a total of $4 million, $3 mil to the orphanage with the promise to spend another mil producing a documentary about the plight of children in Malawi.

Four million dollars would have gone a long way toward relieving that plight, and if she had had a shred of good judgement and class she could have helped out quietly, without corrupting the Malawi courts, its orphanages, separating a family across an ocean and making a spectacle of her idiotic self.

But Madonna is incapable of exercising anything other than her muscles, her animal instinct for shock value and her pocket book. And now, she’s a mother of three.

(h/t Chris)

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