I just got back home from attending National Review Online’s tenth anniversary shindig down in DC. I won’t drop too many names, but nearly every famous conservative pundit was there, minus two–Rush Limbaugh and our own Michelle, whose place I took. Jonah Goldberg–check. Byron York–check. Bill Bennett–check. Laura Ingraham–check. Mona Charen–check. Etc. Famous non-pudits on the scene included Massachussetts Governor Mitt Romney, who looks and sounds like a POTUS from central casting, and former Cheney chief of staff Scooter Libby. Rich Lowry delivered a short keynote, followed up by Jonah Goldberg and Kathryn Jean Lopez. I spent most of my time talking with Jason Mattera from the Young Americas Foundation and A.J. Rice from the Laura Ingraham Show. Nice folks, nice crowd and a good chance to remember a time when NRO was pretty much the only frequently updated conservative site on the web. Before there was a Hot Air or a MichelleMalkin.com or an InstaPundit or any of the thousands of great sites we have now, NRO established the right’s beachhead on the internet.

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