Just caught a blurb on Hannity & Colmes intro–they’re going to run tape of John Murtha’s role in Abscam. It’s a tape that hasn’t been released before. It sounds like it will be highly entertaining.

Yeah, yeah, question the timing.

Update (AP): AmSpec posted the full hour-long video online a few days ago. I almost linked it, but is anyone going to watch an hour of Jack Murtha playing bribe footsie with the feds?

Update (Bryan): Agreed, AP. It would be a little more useful if they had the whole thing there along with a shortened version including just Murtha’s part, since he’s the only Abscam figure that remains in office–which in itself is a very strong argument for term limits. I mean, think about it. I was 9 years old when Abscam happened. I have never known a world that didn’t have Jack Murtha and Ted Kennedy in political office (not to mention Robert KKK Byrd and a few other dinosaurs still roaming the district). I want to know such a world. I really want to know such a world.