Today’s news featured anti-semites on rampages. Every day since 9-11 seems to have featured anti-semites on rampages somewhere in the world, but two of today’s stories happened right here in the US of A.

Hezbollah fired over 200 rockets into Israel today, at least one of which got all the way to West Bank. That must have been their new Khaibar-1, a rocket made by Iran and named after some Islamic grievance that probably goes back 500 years. Hezbollah’s and Iran’s causus belli is Israel’s existence. Israel’s a Jewish state. So Hezbollah is an anti-semitic army, beholden to an anti-semitic country that sits on an ocean of oil and is developing nuclear weapons.

The Seattle shooter, who may not be a terrorist behind a tree but he sure as heck was a terrorist behind a gun a few days ago, got charged on 9 counts including murder today. Given that his victims were all Jews and given that he stated his anger at Israel was a reason for shooting them, I think it’s safe to say he’s an anti-semite.

Mel Gibson got charged with DUI and a couple other things today. He said a bunch of stupid, anti-semitic stuff when he got arrested, indicating at the very least that he listened to his dad’s rants around the dinner table when he was a kid. He’s probably an anti-semite, but his actual crime was drunk driving and other stuff connected to that, and there’s every chance in the world that he can shake his prejudices without actually killing anyone.

Gues which story gets the most prominent play as a story about anti-semitism and its effects on Drudge and everywhere else today?

Call me crazy, and several of you have, but I’m thinking the Gibson story just ain’t that big a deal in the grand scheme of things.

We’ve got a war going on in the Middle East, we’ve got its wannabe foot soldiers freelancing that war here, and the whole idiotic world is in a tizzy about Mel Gibson. If this keeps up, this century is going to be unbearable.