Via Dawn Patrol, the latest insanity from the organization founded on eugenics and social engineering:

Safety Counts is a new program at Planned Parenthood aimed at helping injecting drug users who might not be ready to quit, but would like to practice safer drug use and make changes to their habits. Participants can be active drug users. Every participant is using or has used heroine and/or crack cocaine.

Bleach kits with sterile water and cotton pellets to clean off syringes, and mouth pieces for pipes are offered free-of-charge.

“What we’re trying to do is teach them the stages of change, and how to make changes in their lives. We teach them how to stay clean. How to not contract or transmit HIV and Hepatitis C,” said Mary Atilano the program coordinator.

What does this have to do with family planning? Nothing, but it does have to do with you–Planned Parenthood netted millions in federal money to run this program.

Here’s a list of things Planned Parenthood, previously infamous for handing out condoms and teaching edgy sex education courses to teens, won’t hand out for free:

1. Leaflets for the True Love Waits campaign.

2. Cigar cutters.

Feel free to add your own.