Ronery Kim put his army on high alert on July 5:

The alert was issued to North Korean forces on July 5 as the country fired seven missiles into the Sea of Japan, the Yonhap news agency reported citing South Korean government sources in Seoul.

A press report stating that the North Korean leadership in Pyongyang issued a mobilization order could not be confirmed, say a South Korean Reunification Ministry spokesman.

South Korea’s Yoongang Ilbo daily reported that an order placing the North Korean army on a war footing was issued hours before the acceptance Saturday of a resolution of the United Nations Security Council on the missile tests.

Soldiers were called to barracks and civilians were place under travel restrictions, the daily reported citing intelligence source, adding hat the order was not broadcast via official North Korean media.

The last general mobilization by the North came in 1993 during tensions over the North Korean nuclear programme.

Something’s getting lost in translation; NK launched its missile tests on July 5, but the UNSC resolution didn’t come for another fortnight.

While it’s on high alert, the North is also giving the South a cold shoulder:

Reclusive North Korea pulled further into its shell on Wednesday, halting the reunion of families separated by the Korean War and delaying talks on forming a joint Olympic team with the South.

North Korea said it decided to halt family reunions after cabinet-level talks between the two ended in acrimony last week.

“Our side is, therefore, of the view that it has become impossible to hold any discussion related to humanitarian issues, to say nothing of arranging any reunion between separated families and relatives between the two sides,” the chairman of North Korea’s Red Cross Committee said.

Meanwhile, Japan sharpens up its sword.

World War III on the way? I’d say IV, but either way, yeah, things look like they’re sliding toward the abyss in Asia.