A reader tipped me to this–Algore’s An Inconvenient Truth is currently doing some crummy biz at the box office. According to The Numbers, Gore’s PowerPoint turned crockumentary is playing in exactly 4 theaters. Four.

You have to figure that those four–four–theaters are in Gore-friendly territory. They’re probably all in the Bay Area, plus maybe one somewhere in New York. So how are they doing?

Well, the film has earned a little under $500k, or about $70k per screen on the four screens it’s playing on, since it opened on May 24. At an estimated $10.50 per ticket, that means the former Vice President’s film has sold about 6700 tickets. In just under a week.

To put that in perspective, Gore’s film has reached about the same size audience as a medium-sized to large blog’s daily readership. But his film has taken a week to get there. So he’s actually selling less than a thousand tickets a day, in the few theaters in friendly blue regions that decided to play his film.

I’m thinking that this doesn’t bode well for any future political aspirations Gore might have.

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