Michelle and I logged quite a few miles Tuesday driving to the sites at which two of the 9-11 hijackers obtained the fraudulent ID they later used to board American Airlines Flight 77. They and other terrorists slammed that plane into the Pentagon on 9-11, killing 184.

While we were taping Michelle’s stand-up and some b-roll shots in front of the DMV in the Springfield Mall, a security guard stopped us. Judging from her accent she was an immigrant, possibly from Jamaica. She refused to let us tape shots inside the DMV. We asked why. She said “For all I know you could hand that tape off to al Qaeda. Don’t you know about 9-11? We have to think about security.” We told her that we were taping a news segment, and she said we should ask permission from the DMV manager if we want to tape inside (we were outside at the time, but had wanted to tape inside earlier). We were finished, so we said no thank you and went on our way.

As we were walking away, it occurred to both of us that the guard was doing her job and doing it well. She was on us quick, ready to stop what could have been a threat and she had 9-11 on her mind as a reason to be vigilant.

Good for her. We could use thousands more like her, on the border and everywhere else security is or should be a premium.