Global corporations may not like some aspects of this globalization thing–like the fact that bloggers on one continent can show bloggers on another continent what global corps are saying.

Take DaimlerChrysler, for instance. In the US, their marketing tends to be bland. But elsewhere, it tends to be virulently anti-American:

Often wonder how our American multinational corporations promote America abroad? Is it by bringing good jobs to people who might not otherwise have them? Through the sharing of innovative technologies? Or maybe the infusion of capital? What about one that tries to make a buck by capitalizing on the all too prevalent anti-Americanism that exists in some parts of the world?

That seems to be what DaimlerChrysler, a multinational conglomerate that includes US companies, is doing in the promotion of their ‘Smart Car‘ brand auto line. Smart, a green car that is compact, runs on diesel fuel and will be featured prominently in Opie’s ‘The DaVinci Code’, is using the slogan “German engineering, Swiss innovation, American nothing” on billboards in (at least) South Africa

Follow the link to see the picture. I’ve never owned a Chrysler (though I did have a Caravan for a while). Knowing that DiamlerChrysler stoops to this kind of marketing, I am far less likely to buy anything made by them at any time in the future.

My current cars are GM products, and they’re both ok but one isn’t aging very well. My next car? Probably an American-made Toyota.

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit revises DaimlerChrysler’s marketing.

UPDATE: Skepticism on a photo post is always warranted in the age of Photoshop, but this story is true. Arthur writes from Johannesburg, SA:

I’m the guy took the pic and spread the word.

Earlier today I sent photos and a video to the top brass at DaimlerChrysler in Germany, whom I’m sure were not aware of this ad. The result: an email from the local Smart Car manager saying they’re withdrawing the ad and apologising for any offence given.

For those who don’t think it’s offensive, try replacing the ‘American’ with ‘Japanese’, or ‘Chinese’ (I can think of a few choice ones), or some other nationality that ostensibly has nothing to do with this car’s manufacture.

I’m not American, but I’m fed up to my back teeth with the endless drone of snide potshots at America and all things American.

The fact that they’ve agreed to take this ad down – doubtless owing to a stern phone call from Corporate HQ – is a testament to the power of the web. Thanks, America, for giving us the internet! And yes, this is a puny little issue, but I decided to take it up because this ad is emblematic of an anti-American animus that’s infecting our media,and it needs to be exposed and opposed.

For skeptics who think this ad is a fake: you can download more pics and a video of the offending billboard on the following link (1MB file):

Glad you’re out there, Arthur, and thank you for writing in to verify the story.

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