Denmark is the luckiest country on earth today.

Denmark’s most prominent Muslim leader, who led criticism of a Danish newspaper that published drawings of the Prophet Muhammad, has decided to leave the country, the daily reported Thursday.

Imam Ahmed Abu Laban said he has felt humiliated in the aftermath of the cartoon controversy, which led to riots around the world, and that he would leave Denmark to return to Gaza with his family, the Jyllands-Posten newspaper wrote.

“I have recently felt that I am being viewed as a simple terrorist. No human being can accept that. It is an extreme humiliation,” Abu Laban was quoted as saying. “I have taken the decision to leave Denmark.”

For some reason–cough FEAR cough–the JPost article doesn’t mention Abu Laban’s prominent role in Cartoon Jihad. He was its author and instigator, working for months and traveling the globe more than Indiana Jones to stir up trouble over a dozen innocuous cartoons. See Taqiyya: Anatomy of the Comic Jihad. Three minutes and you’ll understand the whole thing. You’ll have that song in your head for days, too.

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