Last Monday we launched a campaign to mail cero peso notes to both political parties to get them to pay attention to our border security and pare aminstia ahora–stop amnesty now.

We’ve heard from people all over the country who have decided to join in. Many have printed the cero peso notes out and mailed them in to RNC and DNC headquarters. Some have made their own versions with their own local politicians’ face on the bill in place of President Bush. Others have promoted the Cero Pesos campaign on your blogs.

If you’ve done any of the above or put your own spin on the campaign, drop us a note telling us what you did. If you made your own version of the bill, include it in the email. Use the tip line in the upper right of our front page. And keep bugging the politicians until they get the message and stop amnesty for illegal aliens and start enforcing our laws and protecting our borders.

NOTE: When you send in your cero pesos update, make sure to have “cero pesos” in the subject line. It’ll help us sort things out. If you have a blog and you’ve discussed this campaign on it, please provide the URL in the email as well.