I just can’t help thinking–“He could have averted a war.”

If Moussaoui had talked, there would have been no 9-11. More than 2,700 who were slaughtered would still be alive.

If Moussaoui had talked, and we had prevented 9-11, there would have been no war in Afghanistan. We only went into Afghanistan to root out the Taliban, because it was shielding al Qaeda, and al Qaeda perpetrated 9-11.

If Moussaoui had talked, we would not have been on edge about WMDs and therefore would not have gone back into Iraq. We would not have had three years of insurgency, nearly 2500 troops killed and thousands more wounded.

It’s a good thing that we deposed the Taliban and drove al Qaeda from its Afghan bases. It’s a good thing Saddam is deposed and in the dock, and the Iraqi people have a chance at freedom.

But in a purely nationalistic sense, would it not be better if we weren’t at war? If the most controversial thing Bush had done since taking office was his tax cut or his education policy? Wouldn’t it be better if we hadn’t become so divided over our own self-defense.

If Moussaoui had talked, there would have been no 9-11, no war in Afghanistan, no war in Iraq. But he didn’t talk. He didn’t avert the war. And today, the jury let him live anyway.

I don’t care if giving him the death penalty would have made him a martyr. We need to make a lot more martyrs, out of every last member of al Qaeda that still breathes.

I don’t care that he had a rough childhood. A lot of people who have rough childhoods don’t grow up to join a band of war criminals.

I don’t care if he’s mentally disturbed. You have to be mentally disturbed to join up with the monsters he called friends.

I only care that he could have talked, and didn’t, and that the jury could have delivered justice today, but failed.