MSNBC’s credulous David Shuster reports that Valerie Plame was the CIA’s single point of failure monitoring Iran’s nuke program when the eeevil Bush/Rove Halliburton conspiracy outed her. Gossip rag Raw Story claims it was the first to make this up know.

Others are commenting–AJ Strata, Just One Minute, MacsMind on the right, whole lotta folks on the left. It’s the night before Fitzmas!

My take can be summed up in two words: Puh. Lease.

If the CIA had as its single point of failure for monitoring Iran a desk jockey at Langley known for blabbing about her spy career, it would explain a lot–such as how the agency manages to be surprised by the Iranians at every turn. But it wouldn’t explain why she was involved in sending her husband to Niger to look into Iraq’s nuclear program. Nor would it explain why he lied about that as well as what he found out during that trip.

The combination of David Shuster, last seen making up quotes to put in Scooter Libby’s mouth, and the hardly reliable Raw Story on this story should serve as a major tip-off that its source–anonymous, and within the agency–is continuing the war against DCI Porter Goss and his boss at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Though the corpse of leaker Mary McCarthy’s CIA career is not yet cold, someone in the CIA connected to Plame/Wilson continues to leak to the media. The leaks are getting ever less believable. Whoever this leaker is, it seems to me the only way to stop them is to out them, fire them and prosecute them.

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