Counterterrorism Blog has the main points of Weirdbeard’s latest rant. It’s mostly jihadi boilerplate that screams “I’m relevant!”, but a couple of points are worth noting. First, why doesn’t bin Laden mention Iraq? Wasn’t that the heart of the war against the infidels? Now it doesn’t even make the top ten. Pair that up with the recent idea that Zarqawi is retreating from Iraq and you have an acknowledgement that al Qaeda has figured out something the MSM and Democrats haven’t: We’re winning.

Second, he’s playing up the Danish cartoon controversy, demanding that Denmark round up the cartoonists and ship them to…where, exactly? Bin Laden didn’t include an address. Perhaps we should play along long enough to get his drop point–Osama bin laden, 3rd Cave on the Left, Peshawar, Pakistan. Think he’ll go for that?

Bin Laden also warns against changing educational curricula in the Islamic world. At first you might think he’s playing mild-mannered educrat, but he’s actually acknowledging the value of the madrassas to raising up the next generation of jihadists. Pakistan, the Saudis and a couple other states in the region have started trying to tone down the radicalism in their madrassas. Bin Laden correctly sees that as a threat. He knows our troops have been killing or rounding up large numbers of his fighters, and unlike the US military, he doesn’t really have a steady stream of boot camp graduates ready to fill in. The madrassas are key to keeping jihad alive.

Read more on the tape at Counterterrorism Blog. And welcome to Hot Air!