I’m not questioning Ronny Jackson’s integrity in giving Trump a clean bill of health, says Scarborough, I’m questioning his motivations — adding, “Maybe he likes eating at the White House mess hall.”

Um, dude? You’re questioning his integrity.

Here’s where I remind you that not only was Jackson also Obama’s White House physician, he was so well liked that multiple Obama advisors chimed in on Tuesday afternoon to praise him after the presser on Trump. Imagine how much they must respect the guy to celebrate him even when he’s delivering news that’s the opposite of what The Resistance wanted to hear.

“True dat,” added Susan Rice to Mastromonaco’s tweet. There’s literally no group of people in the United States with more incentive to question Jackson’s credibility and who are better positioned to do so. And all they could do was back him up. He must be a man of unimpeachable character.

But he’s also a man who’s now undermined many months of daily fire-breathing on “Morning Joe” about Trump being impaired physically, morally, spiritually, intellectually, and psychologically, and so he must be dubbed a hack. The best part of the clip below: Mika responding to the many superlatives used by Jackson to describe Trump’s health by asking (more than once), “Did he write it?” The guy spoke extemporaneously. He wasn’t reading from a prepared statement.

For fark’s sake, if you want to try to impeach Jackson, at least bring in a professional to do it. That’s what the NYT did.

Dr. David Maron, the director of preventive cardiology at Stanford University’s medical school, said Wednesday that it was alarming that the president’s LDL levels remain above 140 even though he is taking 10 milligrams of Crestor, a powerful drug that is used to lower cholesterol levels to well below 100.

Dr. Maron said he would “definitely” be worried about Mr. Trump’s risk for having a heart attack if the president were one of his patients. Asked if Mr. Trump is in perfect health, Dr. Maron offered a blunt reply: “God, no.”…

Other cardiologists also disputed Dr. Jackson’s rosy assessment of the president’s heart health. Several said Mr. Trump’s goal should be to get his LDL below 100, or even under 70. He has a real risk of having a heart attack or stroke, especially considering his weight and lack of exercise, they said…

“That’s a really high LDL,” Dr. Topol said. “We’re talking about a 70-plus-year-old man who is obese and doesn’t exercise. Just looking at the lab value, you would raise a big red flag.”

Jackson’s assessment of Trump’s heart health seems to be the most hotly disputed claim from the presser, even more so than his weight. Although it’s interesting that even Sanjay Gupta, in asserting on CNN that Trump has heart disease, didn’t speak of his condition in terms as dire as those used by the doctors who spoke to the NYT. Then again, neither Jackson nor Gupta specializes in cardiology as Maron and Topol do. Maybe POTUS should see a specialist and get a more thorough work-up of his ticker.

One fair point made by Scarborough: It struck me as odd too on Tuesday when Jackson praised Trump’s habit of getting four to five hours of sleep each night as a key to his success. It’s unusual to hear a doctor encourage *less* sleep, however indirectly, even bearing in mind that older people sleep less than younger ones on average. Typically MDs are nudging you to sleep more, the full eight hours if possible. Jackson didn’t recommend against that but he seemed to treat Trump as some sort of genetic freak in praising his ability to get up in the morning and “reset” even after only a few hours. POTUS promised us “high energy” during the campaign, didn’t he? Well, he wasn’t kidding.