My goodness. This sounds serious.

Was he attacked by presidential security? Unlawfully detained by federal agents? Threatened? Had his press credentials revoked?


Note that he’s talking there about the Roosevelt Room, not the Oval Office. He did manage to get off a question to Trump at the pool spray there despite an aide’s best efforts to remind him that Trump wasn’t taking questions.

After the Oval Office photo op, Trump and Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev moved to the Roosevelt Room for a joint presser. Watch the harrowing 10 final seconds if you dare:

Trump’s on his way out the door. Clearly he’s not going to answer a question so no one’s denying Acosta any information he might have gotten without the crosstalk. What he’s being denied is something more important to him, the ability to shout something embarrassing at Trump that will play on CNN later as proof of his supposed fearlessness. It was just a few days ago on CNN that he said Trump “may just be a racist” for his alleged “sh*thole” comment; his Oval Office question today was also along those lines, about which countries Trump wanted to see more immigration from. (I can’t hear the exact question on the audio.) He’s annoyed that he was denied some cheap highlight-reel footage of his own supposed bravery by yelling “Are you a racist?” or whatever as Trump exited, not that the president’s refusing to answer his questions. And clearly it’s not just White House staffers who are drowning him out. Other reporters are yelling questions too, making it even less likely that Acosta would have gotten an answer.

So, denied his natural right to grandstand on camera, he logged on to Twitter to complain about it by insinuating that the White House is behaving autocratically towards the press. Which was predicable, as he’s done it before. And why shouldn’t he? At CNN, that’s the path to a promotion.

The Presidential Fake News Awards are tomorrow night. He and his network are gonna clean up. In lieu of an exit question, here’s who should be covering the White House for CNN instead.