Via the Free Beacon. In an alternate universe, on Earth 2, this mythical audio does exist, Arnold does release it, annnnnd … Trump wins anyway, producing the most awkward victory celebration in American history.

I’m at 9.5 on the 10-point skepticism scale about this, but I want to believe that Hillary Clinton was reduced to dialing up the former Mrs. Roseanne Barr 48 hours before the election and begging him to save America by releasing “Apprentice” outtakes. What if the future of the free world depended on an audio file buried on a back-up hard drive stashed somewhere in Tom Arnold’s basement? What an amazing premise for a “Terminator” reboot that will make circa 2050.

“I had all the outtakes from Trump saying the N-word on The Apprentice,” said the actor and comedian…

“She called me two days before the election and said ‘please release that.’”

“The weight of the free world is on your shoulders,” Arnold alleged she added.

Arnold told the Democrat nominee, “I’d love to be a hero, but I can’t hurt these families.”

The show reportedly has a US $5 million confidentiality agreement.

Arnold’s been chirping about this tape since last year and no one’s been able to verify its existence. The Daily Beast spoke to six longtime “Apprentice” staffers in December and not a one knew what he was talking about, even though the Beast had granted them anonymity to speak candidly. It’s easy to understand how Trump let down his guard in talking about women with Billy Bush in the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape; it’s harder to believe he’d ever let his guard down so far as to use racial slurs on the set of a TV show, knowing that if a stray mic picked it up and it leaked, it would wreck his show and his businesses. Plus, even with NDAs in effect to make leakers think twice, surely someone would have taken a chance and dribbled that audio out to a media organization during the campaign because of its game-changing potential — if it existed. As it is, I think it’s the Republican version of the Michelle Obama “whitey tape” from 2008, a much-hyped bit of alleged racially-charged audio that somehow no one was ever able to produce.

Incidentally, Arnold went on to say that he doesn’t think the outcome of the election would have changed even if he had released the audio. Watch the second clip below for a clue as to why he might be right.