You wanted something different, and shorter, the next time Hollywood got political? Well, you got it. This is different.

But is it political? There’s no reference to Trump in the clip. The only clue that it’s aimed at the new administration comes from the write-up in the magazine that sponsored it. By that logic, if the magazine got a few celebrities to hold a farting contest, it could put that video online with the title “Celebs show what they think of Trump” and suddenly that would be another “celebrities get political” ad. How do we know the participants had any idea they were criticizing Trump instead of just doing a silly stunt for a website that’s willing to promote them?

Or at least, that’s what I’m telling myself to let McConaughey and Emma Stone off the hook. There are maybe five likable A-listers in all of Hollywood and somehow they got two of them to chip in on this one. Bummer.