Has the insta-backlash from grassroots conservatives this week already scared the House GOP away from immigration reform? We’ll know soon: Paul Ryan has the spotlight on “This Week” while Eric Cantor guests on “Face the Nation.” For all his faults on immigration, Rubio at least had the basic political sense to push his bill last January, long before the midterms. I’m eager to hear Ryan, who’s at risk of his own Rubio-esque amnesty-fueled 2016 fade by taking the lead on this issue, explain why this is the moment rather than last year or next year.

If you’re tired of immigration, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will appear on “Fox News Sunday” as part of the network’s 87-hour Super Bowl pregame programming to hem and haw about the Redskins changing their name and to defend the dopey plan to make the game more exciting by eliminating PATs, even though it would do nothing of the sort. The full line-up is at Politico.