The data’s a year old but it’s been freshly mined by Gene Expression. Nothing too surprising, but it’s fun to compare sects. My favorite thought experiment in this vein is to wonder how most religious Americans would react to news that U.S. troops had cornered Bin Laden in some outhouse in Afghanistan and beat him to death with their rifle butts. Religiously, that sort of brutality isn’t something Christians (or at least Catholics) should be celebrating, but morally, I suspect most of them would find it oh so sweet. And rightly so.

Note how closely aligned Catholics, Jews, and mainline Protestants are, and alternatively how close evangelicals are to Mormons — a bitter irony for the Mittheads, given the conservative base’s issues with him. Think those trends are unique to this question? Try these three on for size, all taken from the same 2008 Pew poll:

Buddhists, unsurprisingly, are exceptionally mellow. Exit question: What explains the fact that Catholics are so much more centrist than evangelicals and Mormons? Is it … this?

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