Consider this the follow-up question MSNBC “forgot” to ask Durbin: Are all the good, progressive, Hillary-lovin’ Democrats like Larry Johnson who’ve been knocking Michelle Obama and circulating rumors about her “whitey” tape going to hell too, or do they have a get-out-of-hell-free card by dint of how they vote? And how come, if the goal of conservatives is to smear her at all costs, the boss conspicuously declined to repeat Johnson’s garbage despite having had an opportunity on a very big stage to do so? (An ethical display which our pal Geraldo didn’t match.)

Exit question: Is there some sort of saboteur on the Fox copy edit team? Because whoever wrote the stupid “baby mama” chyron at the beginning here, especially so soon after E.D. Hill’s “terrorist fist jab” remark, is simply begging for trouble.

Update/correction (Michelle): In the clip, I mention Salon as one of the left-wing websites that has published criticism of Michelle Obama. I meant Slate. My bad. Thanks to Alex Koppelman for e-mailing and calling attention to my error.