Note: Reads it, not necessarily likes it. Given some of the, er, nuanced comments I’ve made about “The Half-Hour News Hour,” it could be a reads-it-because-he-hates-it sort of thing. That phenomenon explains 85% of HuffPo’s traffic, I suspect.

Let’s hope for the best.

After creator and producer of ’24’ Joel Surnow spoke at the Young America’s Foundation on Saturday afternoon, a few media types, bloggers, and myself sat down with him and his lovely wife for about a half hour. Since I know a lot of you are ’24’ fans, I thought I’d post a few thoughts.

I asked him if he read any blogs, and he said not really. He reads Drudge, a few of the MSM types who also have blogs (like Kaus), but he did mention one: Hot Air. Yeah, I’m a little jealous.

The takeaway: “Are we nuts thinking Hillary Clinton could be president of this country?”

Exit question: Why does Joel Surnow read HA? (a) Malkinmania! (b) Like most of our audience, enjoys Bryan’s posts and is willing to tolerate mine. (c) Got wind of the fact that Ian is 24’s biggest fan, felt obliged to toss a little thank-you traffic our way. (d) Reads it because he hates it.