Worth posting just to stop the stream of tips about it. It’s Andy Samberg reprising his Lazy Sunday/D*** in a Box white-dork-does-hip-hop shtick, with surprisingly witless results. Do you like having the entire comic premise of a skit telegraphed within the first 15 seconds and then beaten to death for three minutes? Do you find closeted-homophobe jokes even funnier the trillionth time around? Then hold on to those sides and prepare yourself for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a dress. Yeah, a dress!

It’s a vintage example of what Ace calls “clapper” humor, where the audience laughs not because there’s anything particularly funny happening but to signal its agreement with the political line being taken. Ahmadinejad is a gay-hating savage, ergo this skit is funny. See also Margaret Cho, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, etc etc.