Continuing with our theme of unspeakably disgusting video this morning. This is the Palestinians’ specialty, of course, although when it comes in the context of a school pageant there’s at least some ambiguity as to whether the kids realize what they’re doing or whether it’s just cowboys and Indians. This comes from the Islamic State of Iraq, a.k.a. Al Qaeda’s Iraqi front group, so our budding mujahedeen here may well be out in the field and already living the dream. The Taliban’s allegedly sent six-year-old suicide bombers after U.S. troops and has for sure used prepubescent warriors to behead accused spies, but this is the first time I’ve seen anything like a child martyrdom video.

No translation, but you know how these things go by now. According to the Blotter, he’s reciting quotes from Mohammed. The narrator’s introduction goes: “In conclusion we say to Bush, the Muslim ummah [Muslim community] that you have tried with all your strength to wage war against, is an ummah [community] that will never die. And it has, with the blessings of God, allotted for you a new generation of Mujjahideen.”

Thanks to Rusty, king of the Jawas, for the clip.