Sound familiar? Surrrre it was a does. Why, it’s laff-a-palooza!

Could it be that, to the Bush Administration, one of the most dangerous things about Ahmadinejad is that he is calling the Bush Administration out? And so, if Ahmadinejad can’t be silenced, at least he can be discredited. I’m not saying he’s a good guy at all. I’m only saying it’s hard to know the full story when the Bush Administration seems so invested in smearing Ahmadinejad — and the media, as we’ve already learned with Iraq, is happy to choose its facts in convenient accordance. Maybe we shouldn’t buy into the Bush team’s characterization of Ahmadinejad as part of their drumbeat escalating toward potential war. Maybe we should listen to Ahmadinjead ourselves and sift through what, if anything, is worth hearing…

It striking when a leader with an abysmal human rights record is the one championing the rights of the poor and oppressed to the president of the United States who proclaims to be the world’s savior. Dangerous, indeed — certainly to the status quo he critiques.

The painful truth: Gibby kind of likes her. You can tell.