Closed to the public, no protest signs allowed, questions to be asked via index card with no back-and-forth between the students and honored guest. A “free exchange of ideas” indeed. In a way I’m glad, though: this puts all the pressure on Bollinger to grill him. If he softballs him — which he probably won’t lest the few remaining scraps of his credibility end up in the toilet — he’ll never hear the end of it.

Some of New York State’s powers that be are threatening Columbia with a cut-off of government aid. Don’t believe it; this will be forgotten by everyone but the right within a week. Meanwhile, Gateway Pundit has photos of Mahdi greeting 1,500 starstruck Iranian fascists last night in the heart of the western world’s greatest city.

Anyone know if this trainwreck is being simulcast anywhere, incidentally? The Freepers thought Voice of America might be carrying it but I don’t see anything on the website. Click the image to watch.


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