It’s supposed to be streaming at CBS NY, WNBC, and ABC 7 but I can’t get any to play at the moment. Anyone have any feeds they know are working?

Update: The NBC feed is working. I’m able to record it, for some reason, but not actually see it play. Let me know what’s happening in the comments.

Update: It looks like the cable nets may be carrying this too, at least for awhile. MSNBC already has the feed and Fox appears to cut to it.

Update: In fairness, if Bush had come out against the speech, the left would be demagoging him as opposed to free inquiry, etc etc. But still:

“This is a place of high learning and if the president (of Columbia) thinks it’s a good idea to have the leader from Iran come and talk to the students as an educational experience, I guess it’s OK with me,” Bush told FOX News in an interview. “The problem is Ahmadinejad uses these platforms to advance his agenda, which I suspect in this case … He doesn’t want America to know his true intentions.”

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