Ben Smith sees this as proof that the Dems know they have the Hispanic vote in the bank and thus can afford to stiff the precious, precious Undocumented. I’m skeptical, not of the way Hispanics are trending but of the fact that Hillary has much room to maneuver on this point. Gallup found this summer during the height of the amnesty debate that “Americans overwhelmingly oppose efforts to make it easier for illegal immigrants to become citizens.” They also confirmed around the same time that the U.S. is trending negative on immigrants generally. Given that, plus the fact that she’ll have a hard enough time selling this once the truth about “free” health care leaks out, she simply can’t afford to ask taxpayers to pick up the tab for illegals too. Although if she does, it’ll be the biggest boon to the anti-amnesty movement that we’ve had in decades.

I eagerly await Kirsten Powers’s sneering condemnation of this egregiously nativist policy.