It’s Republican Jerry Sanders, elected two years ago after promising to oppose same-sex marriage (but not civil unions) and presented this week with a resolution passed by the city council vowing San Diego’s support for a lawsuit that would legalize marriage for gays in California. The expected mayoral veto did not materialize; here Sanders explains why. I agree with his position and his feeling is clearly heartfelt but I hate it when politicians get emotional this way. It gives them an unearned layer of Absolute Moral Authority where to challenge their stance is to fly in the face of Love Itself. The right pulled the same thing a few years ago at Alito’s confirmation hearing when his wife got upset at some of the questioning — again, sincerely so — and it turned into a passion play about a lady’s tears. Just take a breath and make your case.

On the upside, this should give Sullivan a chance to indulge in the sort of fawning, lyrical praise we haven’t seen since he was heralding the martial and political genius of George Bush circa 2002.

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