Well, no, not really. That’s just her way of feebly ducking a question about Hillary’s capitulation to MoveOn yesterday. “We should be talking about the war,” she says, tearing a page from Chuck Todd while conveniently ignoring the fact that (a) we spent all of last week talking about the war, (b) we’ll be talking about the war for months and years to come, (c) the senate’s spent the past three days talking about the war with three predictably dead resolutions to show for it, and (d) no one’s going to budge from their Iraq positions for the time being so any talk about the war is momentarily useless. Hannity comes back by putting her on the spot: was it right for Hillary to basically call Petraeus a liar? KP’s assured us more than once during her long-winded Giuliani broadsides that if and when Hillary does something wrong, she’ll happily call her on it. She failed on that promise when the Glacier went and kowtowed to the filthy nutroots at Yearly Kos this summer; this was her golden opportunity to redeem herself. Result: “I think that you’re suggesting that she’s not actually allowed to question a general.” Rest, KP.

Oh, and as for her point about Admiral Fallon allegedly not agreeing with Petraeus, quote: “The most important thing is I’m very happy with what Dave has recommended.”