Via our old pal Ian Schwartz, now putting his nose to the grindstone for some guy named Breitbart. Fred’s lifting Mitt’s line here, although who can blame him? Calling Billy Jeff effeminate in front of the NRA is one notch below racking an M-16 and squeezing off a few rounds on the crowd-please-o-meter. The irony is, if the rumors are to be believed, the Clenis is the one southern politician in America with more derring-do among the ladies than ol’ Fred.

This isn’t the only recent campaign event at which he’s paid Jeri some attention, either. See the beginning of the second clip for that. Exit question: Shouldn’t she do a Vent interview with MM? It’d be a friendly audience, it’d get lots of grassroots play, and it’d be a nice introduction to the base via another woman who’s well respected by conservatives. No brainer, right?